Saturday, February 20, 2010


This is a serious matter,last week my friends and i went to a new club on the per omo boy i sey make i catch my trips and spend some 'ego' as per maga don pay,i and my boys dey shout HALLELUYAH.Lo and behold i see my own girl unclothed,on high heels doing the pole dance.This is the same girl that told me that she was at school, meanwhile, she was here strip teasing.
Instantly i froze up,it was as if time had stopped,i felt everything turn black and boys told me that i shouldn't create any scene sey make i just bone,we just went to the V.I.P section and watched every display,people you can't imagine what i felt that instant.i took photo shots of her on my phone.

The story just doesn't end there, my friends adviced me on not asking her about the previous night.
i didn't call her for about three days,she now comes around and pretends as if she is the girl i used to know.

To her shock and amazement,i just showed her the pictures on my phone, she now starts crying and tells me she didn't want to bother me about finances.

Now this goes mainly to all the bros in the house,the instant you see your girl in that club,unclothed,showing every thing that she shows you, to the world.what would you do?would you have had the patience,i had.because right now i feel like doing something crazy to her.

please your advice is highly needed,before i become the most popular man in Africa.

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