Sunday, February 28, 2010


This was the second attempt by the acting president to see Mrs. Yar’Adua. During his first attempt, Mr. Jonathan and his wife could see neither the president nor his wife. They two were said to have retired to bed even though the acting president had communicated his intention to visit through the president’s chief security officer, Yusuf Muhammed Tilde, and his Aide-de-Camp, Mustapha Onoyvieta.

Mr. Jonathan was to meet with the president’s wife after the arrival of the ailing president from Saudi Arabia in the early hours of Wednesday, 24th of February. This was disclosed by the minister of information and communications, Dora Akunyili, after an abridged meeting between Mr. Jonathan and the cabinet of ministers, which lasted for less than 10 minutes.

But the meeting did not hold as the acting president did not go to the venue of the meeting.

According to our sources, at around 7pm on Wednesday, when the acting president’s team went to the president’s residence, “the woman (Mrs. Yar’Adua) was not ready to come down for any meeting, so Jonathan’s aides went back to their boss to report the situation. It was then that the meeting was put off.”

Another presidential source confirmed this. “He did not go, but I don’t know why,” the source said.

It is believed that the meeting was re-arranged for the following night.

The source confirmed that, “What the acting president wanted to do was to welcome her back and get briefing on the president’s health from her. He also wanted to show solidarity with the family and to make her understand that there is no rift between him and the Yar’Adua family. But I think people may have misinterpreted the whole thing.”

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